We finance loans that don’t fit a conventional model


Together, we can build communities one borrower at a time

As a community development lender, you see deserving business owners every day—but you can’t always help them. When a project doesn’t quite meet your lending criteria, you need a partner who can complement your lending but doesn’t compete with other services or loan products you offer.

Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF) provides financing for those “near miss” projects. We can help you revitalize your community by supporting projects that create jobs and provide services, like:

  • Loans to small and disadvantaged businesses
  • Funding for non-profit organizations, including daycare facilities, charter schools, and community centers

We help you serve your customers and meet your mission driven and community targeted lending goals.

Your community relies on you—and we rely on partners

As a non-profit, we’re determined to serve neighborhoods across the country. But we can’t know your local community like you do. We rely on our lending referral partners to bring us the deserving projects that help secure and enhance the future of our communities. Our lending referral partners include Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Certified Development Companies (CDCs), economic development agencies, non-profit loan funds, community banks, credit unions, and commercial financial advisors. By working together, we’ll help your borrowers achieve their goals, fund jobs, and create needed services in your area. You’ll earn a loyal client, and when you refer a project, you’ll either free up capital for additional lending or earn fee income.

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If you are a business owner

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