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November 16, 2010

The Economic Recovery Starts with YOU

Support CRF Today on "Give to the Max Day"

Today is "Give to the Max Day," when your donated dollars to CRF go even further. Here's a link to CRF's page: http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Community-Reinvestment-Fund-Usa.

When you give to CRF today, we have a chance to win an additional $10,000 or $20,000 that we can use to help create jobs and build stronger communities. Plus, one donor will be randomly chosen every hour throughout the day and their chosen charity will win an additional $1,000 grant.

Times have been tough for small business owners - this recession has hit them hard. Most simply can't access the funds they need to grow, make needed updates or hire new employees.

You can make a difference. Supporting CRF helps create jobs, ensuring long-term growth and stability for communities in need. The economy recovery starts right here, right now, with YOU!

Here's what a couple of our donors have said about why they give to CRF:

"CRF brings capital to communities in need and gives small business loans to people who can't get them from conventional lenders. For me, it all comes down to strengthening communities by creating jobs and helping people help themselves."
Cate Hillesheim, Financial Analyst, Tornier

"I give to CRF because I believe in the mission. It moves me. They literally change people's lives. They transform the whole of a community. Their ROI (return-on-investment) as a philanthropic organization is in a class of its own."
Alicia Phillips, President, Redwood Philanthropic Advisors

Please share this with friends who share your concern for job creation and building stronger communities.

Thank you for your support!

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I'm giving to CRF-USA on "Give to the Max Day" because CRF is about creating jobs http://bit.ly/azg0hZ

I have friends out of work - who doesn't? That's why I'm supporting CRF on "Give to the Max Day." http://bit.ly/azg0hZ

CRF gets my donation on "Give to the Max Day" because they are helping create American jobs http://bit.ly/azg0hZ

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