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February 10, 2011

Morgan Stanley SBA 504 Program

Giving Small Business Lending a Jumpstart

By Frank Altman, President and CEO

If your car won't start - something we get to experience living here in Minnesota -getting a jumpstart is a simple phone call to a three-letter organization.

Now, CRF (another three-letter organization) has a simple solution for giving a jumpstart to get small business lending running again.

Thanks to a new program, the Morgan Stanley SBA 504 Program available through CRF, we will be able to drive much-needed capital to businesses and the surrounding communities, helping them move forward in the right direction.

Here's how it works: CRF works with Morgan Stanley to purchase eligible existing loans (new or existing first mortgages) from the banks across the country. This gives the bank the capital needed to turn around and issue new small business loans.

Morgan Stanley is making this program through CRF, playing on its network of lending partners and credit experience. By facilitating the purchase of these loans, CRF helps banks reignite small business lending, build their customer base and ultimately increase their bottom line. Plus, it helps banks meet their CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) requirements.

At a time when credit constraints have put a stranglehold on small business financing, we need creative solutions like this. It's just one more way CRF is helping small businesses across the country access the financing they need improve cash flow, refinance debt, expand and create jobs.

Read more about the Morgan Stanley SBA 504 Program, now available through CRF:

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