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November 15, 2010

Why I Give to CRF: Because They Make Dreams Come True

By Cate Hillesheim, Financial Analyst, Tornier

I interned at CRF back in 2008 working in development, where I helped with prospecting and grant writing. During the year I was there, I wrote a lot of the success stories about CRF's clients, particularly those in Minneapolis.

[Note: CRF employs several interns during the summer months and throughout the school year.]

My favorite story was about La Perla Tortilleria, which is right down the street from where I lived in South Minneapolis. What particularly struck me was the dedication and persistence of La Perla's owner, Jose Payan. With CRF's help, he was able to secure the financing he needed to really grow his business and transform La Perla Tortilleria into a thriving wholesale operation, selling tortillas to restaurants, grocers and large wholesalers throughout the state.

CRF's loan allowed him to purchase a new building, new equipment, and make necessary property improvements. In addition, as part of the expansion, Jose was able to hire new employees.

I can now find La Perla tortillas at my local grocery store!

My experience at CRF helped develop my interests and career path. Working in development at CRF allowed me to see the huge impact CRF has on communities all across the U.S. I heard firsthand the stories of individuals who were able to make their dreams come true.

CRF brings capital to communities in need and gives small business loans to people who can't get them from conventional lenders. For me, it all comes down to strengthening communities by creating jobs and helping people help themselves.

I hope that anyone who's reading this will join me in giving to CRF on Tues., Nov. 16 during "Give to the Max Day," when you can stretch your dollars to make an even greater impact on communities and helping people's dreams come true.

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