Our mission

To improve the lives of disadvantaged people and strengthen distressed communities through innovative finance

Our vision

Help one million people and fund loans in every low-income community in the country by 2020

Our core values: The beliefs that guide our work

Transformation through Innovation

We believe in taking risks, being open to the unexpected and demonstrating unwavering commitment to solving problems that affect the communities we serve. We develop and deliver creative solutions that transform lives, communities, our work and our industry.

Lead through Collaboration

We believe that true leaders work with, and through, others to create impact. We are passionate about learning and strive to be courageous, yet humble, thought leaders.

Create Equitable Economic Opportunities

We believe it is our responsibility to fight to ensure that all communities have access to a level economic playing field. We are committed to providing opportunities and delivering measurable, transformative impact. 

Excel in All We Do.

We believe that we should be uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence. We have high standards and will accept nothing less than striving to be the best we can be.

Act with Integrity.

We believe in holding each other to the highest moral and ethical standards, not compromising truth. We will authentically treat everyone with respect and embrace diversity in our organization and the communities we serve.