Improve a disadvantaged community with a chance no one else will give them


Build something effective and watch it grow

It’s that ripple effect again.

Identify at-risk communities and find the right businesses and entrepreneurs to support. Help them with the loans they can’t find anywhere else. Then watch that investment multiply. You see it in the guy who struggled to build a business and grow a workforce. It’s found in the employee who continued to take the paycheck home and now sees his kids in college. It shows throughout the greater economy as neighborhoods are stabilized.

CRF is a key national player and powerful change agent for transforming disadvantaged communities and improving the lives of low-income people. We lead the industry in expanding access to capital for loans that can’t be done any other way—and with incredible results. CRF has invested in disadvantaged communities and helped business owners to grow, built affordable housing, improved community facilities for children and families, generated jobs in low-income areas, and promised a higher quality of life in some of the nation’s most distressed communities.

How you can help us fund the greatest needs in disadvantaged communities:

Bring hope for a better life to struggling communities