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Businesses who may qualify for a CRF SBA 7(a) loan meet the following criteria:

  • Are a for-profit business entity that is closely held
  • Have the ability to provide a personal loan guarantee
  • Have a positive personal and business credit history for the 24 months prior to the application
  • Have no prior bankruptcy
  • Have the ability to invest at least 10% of the total required for purchase or remodeling of real estate, or purchase of equipment

If you qualify, here’s how it works

What we featureHow the business benefits
Loans between $150,000 and $4 million Funds for both smaller, hard-to-fund projects and larger projects that can’t always be financed by local lending sources
Down payments as low as 10% Lower cash outlay for businesses that need their capital to fund growth initiatives
Terms as high as 25 years More manageable monthly payments to ease cash flow
Fully-amortized loans No balloon payments that could derail the business down the road

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