Finance a hard-to-fund loan

See how the CRF process works

Our lending process follows the same basic steps as conventional lending with one important difference—you, as our lending referral partner, bring us the potential projects and maintain a relationship with the borrower. After all, you’re providing the other financial services or consultative support your borrowers need to run their businesses day-to-day.

Here’s how we work with both the borrower and the lending referral partner.

An easy, seamless process

Step 1 With the lender You provide us with a potential borrower's client profile.
Step 2 With the lender We review the client profile and assess fit.
Step 3 With the lender If it's a fit, we recommend the right loan option.
Step 4 With the borrower We send a letter of interest to the potential borrower to initiate the loan process.
Step 5 With the borrower We handle customer service during and after the loan process, including underwriting, closing, loan servicing, and required reporting.
Step 6 With the lender When financing concludes, you earn fee income for your referral. Your customer receives needed financing—without impacting your balance sheet.
The impact: Stronger businesses, more jobs, better community services

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If you are a business owner

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