Continental Tire

Community impact

  • 1,700 new full-time, permanent, living wage jobs created

The new facility is projected to spur over $670 million in related economic activity.

The 40,500 residents of economically depressed Sumter, South Carolina will see an estimated 1,700 new jobs in their community as a result of the construction of a new million-plus square foot manufacturing facility.

Continental Tire ranks among the top five automotive suppliers in the world. Continental is also one of the most environmentally conscious tire production companies, credited over the past decade with decreasing energy consumption, emissions, water consumption, and waste generated among its plants worldwide.

Of the 1,700 new jobs created, 90% will be entry level, the type of jobs desperately needed for Sumter, plagued with high unemployment and low wages.

The company also offers comprehensive job training for potential new hires and ongoing training for employees through readySC, a division of the South Carolina Technical College System. The organization works exclusively with companies planning to provide permanent employment, competitive wages, and benefit packages that include health insurance.

Because of America's reputation for high labor costs, many manufacturers do not consider the US as a viable option. New Markets Tax Credit financing demonstrated to Continental Tire that this project could be feasible on American soil, thus bringing jobs back to the US.