Educational Alliance

Community impact

  • 40 full-time, living wage jobs created
  • 620 full-time jobs retained

Long waiting lists were a testament to the need and this organizations determination to break the cycle of poverty in New York City. Well over 100, sometimes more than 400, individuals and families waited to participate in nearly every program Educational Alliance offers.

The center has helped more than 4 million New Yorkers. Programs include preschools, camps, after school programs, senior centers, health and wellness programs, arts and culture classes, counseling services, and addiction recovery programs; all vital in building strong, inclusive communities.

The gutting and renovation of Educational Alliance's 100+ year-old flagship community center in downtown Manhattan upgraded and expanded nearly every program the organization offers. For example, more early childhood education classrooms and a dedicated space for the teen program expanded activities to more youth. The substance abuse treatment program housed at a nearby temporary location moved to the modern, permanent space.

Low-income individuals represent close to 85% of those served at the Manhattan center. With NMTC funds, the renovated center can tackle more of the toughest issues facing the poor, such as job training, obesity, and mental health.

Minorities represent more than 50% of Educational Alliance's staff of full-time employees, who earn competitive salaries with full benefits. With the renovation and expansion, the organization will have added more than 40 full-time positions, much needed jobs to serve one of the largest and most densely populated districts in the city.