Contract loan servicing loan and portfolio types


Servicing for hundreds of loans or a small and growing portfolio

We welcome the opportunity to service an entire portfolio of loans, a specific portion of a portfolio, or loans as they originate.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a direct and master servicer, all focused on economic development and affordable housing lending, CRF is prepared to manage loan servicing for portfolios with any of the following configurations:

Loan type

  • Small business loans
  • Economic development financing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Community facility loans
  • Single-family residential mortgages
  • Supplemental financing such as housing assistance loans
  • Fully drawn lines of credit
  • Multiple-draw loans
  • Multi-family mortgage loans
  • Equipment loans

Loan term

  • Amortized
  • Deferred
  • Interest-only
  • Principal forgiven over time
  • First or subordinated positions
  • Blended loans