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November 11, 2010

Why I Give to CRF: Because They Change People's Lives

By Alicia Phillips
President, Redwood Philanthropic Advisors

I give to CRF because I believe in the mission. It moves me. They literally change people's lives. They transform the whole of a community. Their ROI (return-on-investment) as a philanthropic organization is in a class of its own.

I first learned about CRF and the great work they're doing several years ago after my husband heard Frank (Frank Altman, CRF president) speak.

CRF is able to impact a community's entire "ecosystem" which includes jobs, plus affordable housing, childcare centers, schools, community centers and health care clinics. These core assets are lacking in many poor communities. CRF is needed all across the country to make a difference in low-income urban and rural environments.

CRF and their lending partners can leverage the heck out of a dollar. Taking $20 million in donations over 20 years and turning it into $1.2 billion in loans to urban and rural communities across the country is phenomenal.

They get things done that "move the needle." A CRF loan is a gift that keeps giving, because their gift stays in circulation - usually an entrepreneur who can use that loan to grow, expand, add more employees and become a successful contributor to the community.

I'm thinking about several loans they've made: to the La Perla Tortilleria or Morningstar Coffee & Tea for example. It all adds up to jobs. Jobs keep the community throbbing. And every job represents a family who lives and works in the community.

I hope that anyone who's reading this will join me in giving to CRF on Tues., Nov. 16 during "Give to the Max Day," when you can stretch your dollars to make an even greater impact on job creation and successful community "eco-systems."

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