Terry Saario

Terry Saario

Honored corporate and non-profit board member, philanthropist, and international leader for social change and economic development, Terry Saario has served as former President of the Northwest Area Foundation and in posts in the Carter Administration.

“You know that when you make an investment in CRF, that investment is going to magnify itself many times over.” CRF donor Terry Saario believes real change begins with jobs. “The more you can provide jobs, the more you can create small scale business, the more the payback will be.”

CRF funds loans to small businesses that are repaid. The money is then recirculated and reinvested in other underserved communities. “Normally, when you make a contribution to an organization, frequently that contribution is what it is,” says Saario.

However, with an investment in CRF she says, “The dollar keeps rotating through the community. So it’s reinvestment many times over.”

Why is this approach successful in accomplishing significant, lasting change? “You do it by building community. You do it by building not only the physical structure of a community but the spirit of a community.”

Why CRF? “It’s an investment that has a scale that is phenomenal.”