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Access to capital from a mission-driven small business lender


Let’s face it, the changing small business lending landscape can be both a blessing and a curse for your clients. While it means they have more financing options, it also means that they need to understand how to find responsible lenders that will guide them to the loan that is best for them. You can help your small business clients obtain financing, with fair terms, to start or grow their business by learning more about mission-driven lenders. 

In this webinar you will learn: 
• how small business lending is changing 
• how to help protect your client from predatory lending practices 
• how SBDCs can work together with a non-profit, non-bank small business lender to support small businesses


Andre Gibson, Regional Director of Business Development, Community Reinvestment Fund, USA 

Ken Crite, Coordinator, Kankakee Community College Small Business Development 

David Rivers, Business Advisor, Ohio Small Business Development Center - Columbus State