What Community Reinvestment Fund, USA does


We improve lives, create jobs, and strengthen communities—and we do it big

Think of it. Community development with a tremendous reach and scale.

CRF fills a gap in community development funding by bringing a larger amount of capital to the communities that need it most. This has a powerful impact, creating a huge ripple effect and improving more lives of disadvantaged people in distressed neighborhoods all across the country.

Together with our lending partners, we provide small business loans not found elsewhere for people living in underserved communities so they can:

  • Grow a business.
  • Create and preserve jobs.
  • Make a business more energy efficient.
  • Improve cash flow.

It doesn’t stop there. We help our community development partners, lending partners, socially motivated investors, and donors accomplish goals like these:

  • Increase affordable housing.
  • Develop community facilities.
  • Build schools and daycare centers.
  • Reach social investment objectives.
  • Meet mission driven lending practices.
  • Help people keep their homes.

Join us now and be a part of community development on a larger scale.