A borrower’s loan request just doesn’t quite fit the criteria—but it may fit ours


Whether the obstacle is credit criteria, loan purpose, or loan amount, we can help

As much as you want to help, some business circumstances just don’t qualify for traditional loan programs. These circumstances may cause financial set-backs that can lead to business failure—with a huge potential impact on your local area unless policy allows for creative loan structuring. That’s where CRF steps in.

You’ll earn a referral fee for bringing us deserving business borrowers—on any SBA 7(a) loan that closes. We are particularly interested in women, veteran, and minority-owned businesses who:

  • Face an interest rate reset
  • Need to refinance or consolidate debt
  • Are located in rural or distressed areas
  • Are in difficult-to-finance industries such as retail and service businesses
  • Must pay off outstanding, non-SBA debts

Together, we can preserve the health of your community and the owner’s dreams for the business.

See the impact

Read the stories of some of the businesses we’ve helped who couldn’t qualify for conventional financing:

7(a) EZ

E-Z Excavating, Inc.
A rapidly expanding business fighting massive debt and minimal liquidity.

roadskulls kevin

Veteran starts and grows successful business.


American Cable
Cable company refinances high-interest debt to support its growth.

gloria olus

Olu's Center
A successful entrepreneur struggled to find traditional financing to purchase the building she needed because it was considered a start-up, different from her core business.

If you are a lender

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If you are a business owner

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