Why choose CRF


The smart and effective way to improve lives and build thriving communities

Why choose CRF? There are reasons galore:

A national scope to put money wherever it’s needed most.

Responsible and financially savvy with a history of trustworthiness and a squeaky clean reputation.

Nimble, creative problem solvers who thrive on figuring out a better way of getting a deal done and making an impact.

Years and years of success with over 30 years as a leader in the community development industry.

Bigger bang for the buck with measurable results for every dollar we loan.

A way to empower people and help them take control of their lives and determine their own destinies.

Ability to leverage donor and investment money and use it wisely by combining it with larger sources of capital.

Commitment to complement, never compete, with lenders to provide the loans they can’t do any other way.

If you provide grants, make charitable gifts, or provide social investments
If you provide loans to small businesses
If you have a loan portfolio and are seeking a servicer
If you support job growth, stronger communities, and small businesses
If you want a voice on community development issues

Choose CRF to reach your goals.