Why I support CRF

In their own words

“For any philanthropic endeavor, seeing a tangible result is very important, and that’s what CRF delivers. Philanthropy is more than writing a check. It’s building something effective and helping it grow.”
—Gene Swanzey, Donor

“CRF is a steadfast leader in helping low-income communities become stronger socially and economically, and we share their commitment to community revitalization and empowerment. MetLife Foundation shares CRF’s vision of building a stronger community by supporting projects and businesses that can lead the charge on expanding economic opportunity for everyone.”
—Dennis White, President and CEO, MetLife Foundation

“CRF has a lengthy track record of injecting capital into communities that need it most. Today more than ever before, these communities need the financial confidence that CRF and its lending partners can provide, and we are proud to support their work by funding CRF’s capital reserve for small business loans.”
—Linda Lenza, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank of America

“CRF has a robust track record of job creation and its commitment to strengthening communities in need really hits home with our values here at Ameriprise Financial. “
—Brian Pietsch, Vice President, Community Relations, Ameriprise Financial

“In today’s tough economic climate, community development lenders are a vital resource for entrepreneurs in struggling communities. CRF has an impressive history of facilitating community development lending and continues to innovate with new approaches and services.”
—Jennifer Jones, Director, Community Relations, Ameriprise Financial