Why support CRF


Improve people’s lives, and you’ll improve everything around them

This is not about handouts, band-aids, or quick fixes. This is all about leveraging dollars in big ways for long-term community impact.

Watch how $1 invested in CRF turns into $20

for a community in need.

Witness the transformation of a neighborhood

after continued investment in small businesses and affordable housing.

Picture the child with hope and a future

after receiving a quality education at a topnotch charter school in a low-income community.

Count the workers in a small town who got to keep their jobs

and support their families because their employer was able to get a loan and stay competitive.

See the empowerment in an entrepreneur

when he takes control of his life to determine his own destiny.

Imagine the power of connecting like-minded organizations and people across the country

to drive measurable, life-changing impact.

Now read the stories that prove we’re doing it.